This year the Nite Owl Rocketry Gild (NORG) has formed into an official section (#799) of the National Association of Rocketry (NAR) [link http://www.nar.org%5D. This will provide our group better support, organization, insurance, and hopefully expanded membership.

Originally this was a small loose group of neighbors and friends in Salem, Massachusetts who causally began experimenting in rocketry as adults (“Born Again Rocketeers”) and stumbled into night launch model rocketry (or what we prefer to call “nite flite”) late one Fall day in September 1996.  As the sunlight began to fade, our founder wondered, “What would happen if you put a light into a clear payload section so you could see it at night?”

From there the fun and creativity of “nite flite” rocketry was explored.  The main choice for illumination was adding LED’s or “gilding” the rocket (by the way gild is also an alternate spelling for guild).  There were plans at one point to start a company to produce kits in 2003 and thus the name of the “Nite Owl Rocketry Gild” was born.

Unfortunately, that never materialized but the name stuck.  As small groups are apt to do, interest in nite flite waxed and waned as members moved away or became otherwise busy with their lives.  In 2007, our founder decided to invite CMASS [link http://www.cmass.org%5D to four events over the year held at the City of Salem’s Gallows Hill Park.  Interest in “night launches” was passed along to CMASS who began holding night events during their last date of the launch calendar in 2009 and ever since.

Once again, NORG waned in interest among it’s small core.  After a 10 year hiatus, our founder has decided to give it another go.  We have plans for events in Salem at the Gallows Hill Park and with the help and support of those interested we hope to make this a regular yearly event.

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